Dec 15:
Icebowl!!! 2016!!! Snowball fights!!! Food!!!

The 13th annual Rogers Lakewood Ice Bowl is coming up February 6th. Prepare yourselves! It's a 'bring your own partner' doubles event and the player that brings the most canned goods, because this is for charity, gets entry for free. Don't be the guy that brings nothing. If you're feeling frisky you can bring some food to share with everyone, but if you bring more than 5 canned items you'll eat free, because our club makes some great food. The flyer can be found here.

November 2015:

The Fall league schedule is in effect currently, meaning Thursdays are now a glowie night golf event. If you don't have any glowies you can sometimes pick some up from Bruce or other club members for pretty cheap. The best thing about glowie is how hard it is to lose a disc, unless you royally hit a tree and knock a light off. The 2016 hole sponsorship info has also been updated right about here.

August 2015:

States is over now!

I'd like to thank everyone that came out, and hug them, for making this a fantastic tourney. The players made this great. First of all, congratulations to Cam Todd for upsetting Al Hermosillo, the two time defending Indiana State Champ. Next, Dana Vicich shot what could be the course record (58)... We're going to have to look into that, but at least, he shot the hot round for the weekend and launched into second after a decent first round. More info and pictures here.